What ports should I open on my firewall for Intelli-Site (3.9 Legacy)?
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             Under some circumstances it becomes necessary to modify firewall rules after installing Intelli-Site software. 


Intelli-Site uses the following rules to determine the ports it will use for communication:

  • UDP 9600 - This is the Base Port*. Server listening port for Workstation connection.
  • UDP Base Port+40+Project Index**  - This is the Driver Service listening port for "online driver" operations.
  • UDP Base Port+1 and Base Port+2 These are the Redundancy Heartbeat Rx ports.
  • TCP 9620+Project Index - This is the redundancy messages between the Servers.
  • TCP 9600+Project Index - This is the Workstation connection to Server.
  • TCP 2101 - This is the TCP sockets port for Compass panels.
  • TCP 23 - This is the TELNET command port for the Compass panels.
  • TCP 1628 - This is the communications port for Lonworks over IP for MAC panels.
  • TCP 1433 - This is the default port for SQL Server.
  • File and Printer Sharing***

Example: For a system using Project_001 and connected to Compass panels,  the following ports should be opened:

UDP: 9600, 9601, 9602, 9641

TCP: 23, 1433, 2101, 9601, 9621

File and Printer Sharing***

*The Base Port is configurable.

**The Project Index is based on the number proceeding the project name. For example, the Project Index for project "Template_001" is 1.

***See this Microsoft Article for more details

As a general rule, if there is a problem with connectivity, open up all TCP and UDP ports between 9600-9660 inclusive.


While it is possible to use Intelli-Site from location to location across multiple subnets, it is not recommended that external firewall rules be modified, but instead a VPN connection created between the sites. 


Opening ports in your firewall can be dangerous and lead to security issues, it is best to avoid opening ports that are not in use. Contact your IT professional for more info.


  • Intelli-Site CS v.3.x
  • Intelli-Site ES v.3.x
  • Intelli-Site GS v.3.x
  • MASC v.3.x
  • Compass Hardware 
  • MAC Hardware

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