CompassXe to Intelli-Site Conversion Considerations
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Compass6E end-of-life is December 31, 2013.  All other CompassXe software products are now obsolete.  Our flagship PSIM solution, Intelli-Site, does everything CompassXe did and more.  When planning a conversion from CompassXe to Intelli-Site there are several things to consider and questions to answer.  This following details these considerations and questions.


Moving from Compass6e to Intelli-Site requires a database conversion.  All database conversions follow the same steps.

  • Any questions are forwarded to your Sales Representative.
  • The Compass6e database is uploaded to OSSI.
  • The database is analyzed and results given to the customer.
  • Any changes requested by the customer are performed.
  • The database is converted to the Intelli-Site format and verified.
  • Depending on the size, the project file is placed on the web server and the link sent to the sales person or if it is a small database, it may be emailed.
The following questions must be answered before the conversion can take place.

Questions to ask:

  • What is the product version and number?
    • Compass6e - The conversion is straight forward and there should be no issues with the database
    • Compass5e/Safeaxis v3.x.x.x - Must be converted internally to 6e before final conversion.
    • Compass5e/Safeaxis v2.x.x.x - Must be converted to 5e/Safeaxis v3 then to 6e before the final conversion.
    • Compass4e Contact your Sales Representative.
    • Compass3e Contact your Sales Representative.
  • What integrations are in place?
    • DVR
      • Toshiba/Open Eye is NOT supported.
      • Dedicated Micros
        Only certain versions are supported.  Contact your Sales Representative.
      • Kalatel, the Kalibur model is supported.
      • Webeye Alert is NOT supported.
      • Panasonic is NOT supported.
    • ASCII/CCTV Contact your Sales Representative.
  • Do they use the Data Transport Utility?  The supported data sources are:
    • Nuvision
    • SQL databases
    • CSV files (text/flat file)
  • What is the communications topology?
    • Serial Port - supported
    • TCP/IP
      • CDB005
        Settings must be updated per Tech Notes.
      • Digi One SP
        Must be replaced with CDB005
  • How many readers? Contact your Sales Representative for 500+ readers.
  • Do they have elevators?
    Must be Enterprise or larger
  • Do they have any 128K memory boards?
    Must be upgraded to 640K


The following features cannot be converted.  They must be reprogrammed.

  • Database partitioning
  • Anti-Passback
  • Visitor Management

Compass Software Estimated Time of Conversion
 Compass6eUsually 1 week depending on response time of customer
Compass5e/Safeaxis v3.x.x.x Usually 1 week depending on response time of customer
Compass5e/Safeaxis v2.x.x.x Usually 1 week depending on response time of customer
Compass4e Contact your Sales Representative. 
Compass3e Contact your Sales Representative. 
Multiple Systems Merge Contact your Sales Representative. 


Applies to:
  • Intelli-Site CS v. 3.9
  • Intelli-Site ES v. 3.9
  • Intelli-Site GS v. 3.9
  • MASC v.<N/A>
  • Compass6E v. ALL
  • Compass Hardware (<Panel Type(s)>)
  • MAC Hardware (<N/A>)

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