Release Notes v3.9.54
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This article contains the release notes for Intelli-Site v3.9.54.  The following sections describe the release in detail and provide late-breaking or other information that supplements the main documentation.

This is a maintenance release that improves quality, reliability, and performance.  All users are encouraged to upgrade to this release.

New Features

Our products have been renamed!

  • Intelli-Site CORE is now Intelli-Site CS
  • Intelli-Site Enterprise is now Intelli-Site ES
  • Intelli-Site Global is now Intelli-Site GS

The following software features were added:

  • Software access control is now provided by Intelli-Site for the Essex RoxProx IP Series readers.  
  • MLC-8IC 
    • Renaming Inputs will rename the associated Output, General, and Alarm points as well.
    • A General point can be used as an Intercom Station in a Door Construct.  When the ConnEntryIntercom/DiscEntryIntercom actions are executed, the Connect (General) point will be turned on/off.
  • The iLon600 was added to the family of OpenLDV devices.
  • The project for the Demonstration model has been updated to better illustrate the features and capabilities of the Intelli-Site software, OSSI hardware, and the OSSI website.
The following RTUs were added or upgraded:

  • MLC-8IC was updated.
  • Compass now has a DownloadFailed point under Alarms.  This point will be added to RTUs in existing projects.  If there are any parts of a download in the queue when the driver gets a timeout from the panel, the driver willl pulse the DownloadFailed point.

Resolved Issues

The following issues affecting all products have been resolved:

  • On Windows 7, the location for the registry entry that specifies the installed email client is different than other Windows OSes.  Intelli-Site now checks both locations for the needed email information.
  • If an unsupported SQL Server version is discovered during an upgrade, the option to cancel the upgrade is available.
  • When converting to Multi-ID, card numbers longer than 32 bits were converted incorrectly before this release.
  • VALID card reads will no longer pop up a Popup Queue that has been set to Auto-Popup.
  • MAC-Series communication modifications were made to streamline and improve the communication with MAC-Series panels.
  • Compass
    • The Workstation now provides an audible message when downloads begin and END.
    • The baud rate is reset to the default at driver startup.
    • PulseDoor sends a ValidRead DLT to the panel instead of a Timed Unlock.
    • The IRM DoorForced and DOTL alarms are now sent to the Alarm queue by default for newly added panels.
  • PCSC
    • Card Status is now working for FT panels.
    • Card Status is now working in Multi-ID.
    • The Workstation no longer crashes when the Master Controller and DDM or SDM are not in the same Domain.  The Workstation would crash as you navigate through the DDM or SDM tabs, or the Access Actions and Hardware tabs of Inputs and Outputs if the Master Controller was in a different Domain.
The following issues specific to CS have been resolved:

  • Intelli-Site CORE was renamed Intelli-Site CS.
Below are issues related to specific OEM versions:

  • N/A for this release

Known Limitations



  • Intelli-Site CS
  • Intelli-Site ES
  • Intelli-Site GS

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