What hardware is supported by Intelli-Site 4?
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The following is the list of supported drivers and panels:

  • Accutech IS Mux and LS PHD
  • Aiphone IX System
  • Allegion ENGAGE(tm) Gateway with LE Series and NDE Series Wireless Locks
  • Allen Bradley
  • Bosch Radionics D660
  • Essex Electronics RxProx and Piezo button panels
  • Mercury - EP/LP 1501, EP/LP 1502, EP/LP 2500, EP/LP 4502
  • Modbus
  • Omrpon PLC
  • OSSI Compass ICM, IIM, IOM, IRM (IOM Slave legacy)
  • OSSI MAC MLC-4R, MLC-16R, MLC32I, MLC-8IC (MAC-4R Legacy)
  • PCSC - IQ/Ultimate
  • Pelco Switcher
  • Senstar -  CCC, Crossfire, FiberLR, FiberPatrol, IPCC Controller, Krypton Sensor Unit (1st and 2nd Gen), MX-500 Controller and Zone, Sennet, Sentrax Control and Transceiver Modules), Silver, Starcom
  • Stentofon Exchange
  • SHIP
The following is the list of supported video devices/NVR/DVRs

  • Axis Media Control
  • Digital Watchdog
  • exacqVision
  • HikVision
  • Milestone - Enterprise and Corporate

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