Release Notes: Intelli-Site v4.0.45.12
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This article contains the release notes for Intelli-Site v4.0.45.12.  The following sections describe the release in detail and provide late-breaking or other information that supplements the main documentation.

This is a maintenance release that improves quality, reliability, and performance.  All users are encouraged to upgrade to this release. 

New Features

The following software features were added:

  • #Database# key word for defining combo box values for a Database Field Control screen object - The syntax is #Database#[displayID][StoreID] where [StoreID] is optional. If both displayID and StoreID are database fields with the same parent, the drop-down list for the control is populated with the values from the displayID database field and the corresponding value in StoreID is saved when selected.
The following Panels were added or upgraded:

  • N/A

      Resolved Issues

      The following issues affecting all products have been resolved:

      • Configuration Utility
        • Projects that have custom images, sounds, documentation, and/or reports can now be renamed preserving those custom images, sounds, documentation, and/or reports.
      • Desktop Client
        • General
          • Invalid Card Read events use the Priority specified for the the reader. If the field Bring Client to Front  for the specified Priority is checked, the Client will be brought to the front on an Invalid Card Read event. If it is clear, the Client will not be brought to the front. 
          • Screen objects with Frame Style Rounded Rectangle no longer cause an unhandled exception when the screen object is smaller than 2 x 2.
          • The Timer system tool's maximum Timer Duration has been increased to 86400000 which is the number of milliseconds in one day.
        • Access Management View
          • Photo Maintenance rights in the user's User View Options are enforced. If the user does not have Photo Maintenance checked, the user cannot add or modify the photo of a card holder.
        • Design View
          • User Properties dialog - The User View Options tree view remains in the same place when options are expanded or checked instead of jumping back to the top.
        • Hardware Management View
          • When drivers and/or panels are refreshed, their icons are only refreshed now. Previously, they were completely reloaded. In large projects, this could cause a the software to run out of handles and crash.
      • Database Conversion from 3.9 to 4.0
        • When a database has custom columns, the personnel_index and card_function database fields are now being properly added to the database Views and Trigger functions.
      • Panels
        • Essex
          • The default Alarm Queue Settings are set for all new Essex panels.
          • The Essex panel is marked as offline when the connect attempt fails and not when the field device disconnects. Periodically the field device chooses to close all connections. It's not that the panel is truly offline; it's just doing self-maintenance. It is truly offline when it does not respond to connection requests.
        • MAC
          • Set Time and Set Threat are only being sent to each panel once where previously it was being sent 3 times.
          • The Quick Config Advanced tab remains in the same location in the ladder when rungs or ladder are added or deleted.
          • 16R Quick Config: When editing a Cell Door (Swing) in Quick I/O, the Lock point loads properly.
        • PCSC IQ
          • Floor Groups now show the names of the Floor Buttons in the Tree.
          • The first SAM expansion board is downloading correctly.
          • The default Panel Control screen will only show the readers and points and alarms for the panel that was added. For a few of the panel types, some of the hidden nodes were displaying.
          • SIM panel names and device counts have been corrected.
          • SIM panels now have inputs 40-71.
          • Counter or Local alarm 41 - 42 are not downloaded.
          • Flag for OUT#1/ALM is now being set in a SysParms download.
      The following issues specific to Intelli-Site Lite have been resolved:

      • N/A
      Below are issues related to specific OEM versions:

      • N/A 

      Known Limitations



      Applies to:
      • Intelli-Site
      • Intelli-Site Lite
      • LiNC-PLUS
      • LiNC-PLUS Lite
      • MASC
      • MASC Lite
      • ResidentGuard

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