How do I return to using a database after Intelli-Site couldn't connect to the card database?
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On rare occasion, the Server may encounter a database connectivity issue.  When this happens, the Server will pop up a warning message.

By clicking <Revert>, you are instructing the Server to set the database type to "MS Access".  This is a special diagnostic mode.  It allows you to correct your database settings if there is a problem with them.  Once the database issues have been corrected, you will need to reconfigure the database settings in in Intelli-Site.


Steps to Reconfigure Database Settings:

  1. In Design Mode, expand the "Database" node.
  2. Right-click on the "CardList" node and select "Properties...".  The properties for the CardList database will appear.

  3. Reconfigure your database settings, the click <Ok>.


  • Intelli-Site CS v.<N/A>
  • Intelli-Site ES v.3.9
  • Intelli-Site GS v.<3.9
  • MASC v.<N/A>
  • Compass6E v.<N/A>
  • Compass Hardware (<N/A>)
  • MAC Hardware (<N/A>)

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