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41 What is the default IP address on the CMP-CDB005 TCP daughterboard?

The default IP address for the CMP-CDB005 Ethernet daughterboard is

42 What is the difference between Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2?

Windows Server 2008 is based on the Windows Vista operating system which is not supported by Intelli-Site. Windows Server 2008 R2, the second release of Windows 2008, is based on the Windows 7 operating system and is supported by Intelli-Site as long as Service…

43 What is the Intelli-Site Key Number and where do I find it?

What is the Intelli-Site Key Number? The Intelli-Site Key Number is the computer-specific number used to generate an Intelli-Site license for that computer. The Intelli-Site Server is the keeper of the Key Number as well as the license. Where is the Intelli-Site…

44 What is the latest version of Intelli-Site Legacy (3.9) and where do I get it?

As of June 19, 2017, no additional releases of the 3.9 version of the Intelli-Site software will be made. We encourage all of our Intelli-Site customers to convert to the latest and greatest version of Intelli-Site which is a whole new major revision. Please…

45 What is the lmhosts file and why do I need it?

View products to which this article applies. Introduction What is the lmhosts file and what does it do? The lmhosts file is a text file that maps Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to NetBIOS names of remote servers with which you wish to communicate over the…

46 What is the maximum number of cardholders in Intelli-Site CS

The maximum number of cardholders allowed in Intelli-Site CS is 10,000. If your site requires more cardholders, you must use Intelli-Site ES or GS. Please contact your Sales Representative.

47 What is the minimum screen resolution supported by Intelli-Site?

The minimum resolution Intelli-Site supports is 1024 x 768.

48 What operating systems are supported by Intelli-Site (3.9 Legacy) software?

Windows XP Professional with SP 3 Windows Server 2003 with SP 2 Windows 7 Professional with SP 1 Windows 7 Ultimate with SP 1 Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP 1

49 Where can I find the badge for a cardholder?

Intelli-Site can store images and pictures of cardholders and print badges. (See your Sales Representative for details on printing cards.) The picture is prominently displayed on the "CardData" tab for a Cardholder in Card Management Mode. Search for the…

50 Where can I find the Intelli-Site software version?

The software version can be found in the About box of all three components of the Intelli-Site software suite. Server To find the version of the Server, right-click on the Server Icon, , in the System Tray and select "About...". If you do not see the icon…

51 Which sound cards does Intelli-Site support?

To date, we have found that Intelli-Site works with all sound cards. Some customers have even been successful with using virtual sound cards though we do not support this configuration.

52 Why can't I see the Intelli-Site icons in the System Tray?

View products to which this article applies. Issue The Intelli-Site Server and/or the DriverService is running, but the icons do not appear in the System Tray. Cause The System Tray may be full or the Intelli-Site icons may be set to hide or only display…

53 Why can't my Workstation retrieve the project list?

View products to which this article applies. Issue When launching the Workstation.exe the logon screen shows "Requesting Project List" list and the count continues to increment to 5 attempts or more. Cause There are multiple causes for this issue including:…

54 Why did I get an SMA error when I tried to update my Intelli-Site software?

The Intelli-Site installation procedure ensures you have a current Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) before it will upgrade the software. When you purchased the software and received your license number, you should also have received an SMA number. The…

55 Why does Intelli-Site require a sound card?

Intelli-Site was designed to play sounds and use Text-to-Speech annunciation; it is linked with libraries that provide these sound capabilities. These libraries require a sound card to work properly. Any computer with a Workstation or ServerStation installation…